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Stop waiting for your next client. Get qualified leads with hot projects delivered right to your inbox each morning. We search the internet for the best consulting projects and deliver them to you.

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“If I could just get more clients on the phone, I would sell more projects.”

That’s the first thing I hear when I ask consultancies about dry spells. And they’re right. You land more work when you’re in front of the right clients more often. You’re pretty darn charming, after all.

But it’s a time suck to separate the right opportunities from the wrong ones all by yourself. It takes sifting through old emails, job postings, tweets, forums, and more. It takes so long that nearly every consultancy avoids it.

What if you had a steady stream of the right clients coming to you everyday?

You’d no longer have to be build your pipeline from scratch. You wouldn’t have to constantly bug your network for work. You’d simply wake up and contact one of the leads in your inbox. Someone who’s already looking to hire someone like you.

Better yet, just knowing that clients are coming would mean less stress about dry spells… feast or famine freelancing. It would mean you could store away these leads to follow up with anytime you needed work. Pretty smart of you.

But that’s not all. Having clients coming to you would mean more time. More time to over-deliver on projects, spend with your family – or do your hair. Best of all, if you always had access to the best opportunities, you’d simply land more work.

Let us find you new clients everyday.

Get access to over 2,600+ high-quality clients each year

I find a name, email, and photo of every lead I send so that you know exactly who to email and what to say.

I've spent years training my team on how to find great leads so every lead I send you is worth thousands in project work.

They're also sortable by type so you can quickly find leads in your specialty using our app.

Effortlessly keep track of over 300 job boards

Stay on top of what's in demand, see gigs you wouldn't never seen before, and build a daily process around finding new clients.

I'll sort through every project on every job board and send you just the project-based opportunities that are high-quality, remote, and relevant to your skill-set.

I'm constantly adding new sources of work, see the entire list.

Customized weekly follow-up reminder

Add any lead we send you to your own shortlist of clients you want to remember to follow-up with.

Create a waiting list of potential clients that's always waiting for you.

Done-for-you lead system

You'll get 1-on-1 help closing clients and access to members-only weekly ideas to help you win more client work.

We'll even help you implement our advice into your system with a 1-on-1 white glove service. That way you can focus all your time on winning new projects while knowing your system will sell while you sleep.

Who’s this service for?

Workshop is great for two types of consultancies: design and development. If you can produce design or code - at any level - you can make a lot of money from the leads I send. It doesn’t matter if you just started.

“I like to focus on projects that are particularly interesting to me, and fit my skill set well so I was reluctant to sign up at first.

But amongst the work I scored from Workshop last year were two projects that have now blossomed into amazing client relationships and tens of thousands of dollars… with no end in sight. I was really on the fence about Workshop (and freelancing in general), but I’ve gotten over my imposter-syndrome at this point and realize I can compete and score some of these great leads.

I can honestly say that being a customer of yours for the past year-ish has made me a much smarter (and better) freelancer. I’m crushing it – well into 6 figures in revenues this year, and exceeding my “projections” by like 50% (absurd!). I haven’t been doing this that long, but I’m very confident in my abilities as a businessman, client relationship manager (and of course, designer).

Corey Tiani, Freelancer in Pittsburgh PA

What if I’m just starting out?

This service is designed for folks who’ve been doing client work for a little while, but the processes will work for beginners as well. In fact, starting fresh might work in your favor, because you haven’t had time to establish bad habits. Start with my free email course.

How are the leads sent?

You won’t be locked in. To start you only commit to 3 months. You instantly get access to over 2600+ freelance leads and a daily email with 10 new ones each day. After that, Workshop is pay as you go. You can cancel at any time and there’s no contract or long-term commitment. There’s zero risk.

“At first I was worried about the lead quality and quantity.

If the leads weren’t a good match for my services or there wasn’t enough of them then the service wouldn’t have worked for me. Once I figured out my process it made it easy to compliment my own lead generation process.

Every day there was a good chance that at least one lead in Workshop could use my services. The best thing about Workshop is it runs on email so it’s easy to process, archive, or save. If I get busy I can leave it alone until I have time for it. Leads grouped by type let me ignore the ones that don’t apply to me.

The additional contact information makes it easier to find the actual people behind the project. The educational content around writing better emails and other topics help me improve my own process. It’s a great service to supplement other forms of marketing because it requires very little time. It’s especially valuable if someone is checking job boards by hand because there are a lot of full-time and non-remote leads that you’d have to filter out.

In less than a year I’ve won close to $65,000 in projects from Workshop alone. All of them have become repeat clients who I expect would be buying additional services over the next few years.

Eric Davis, owner of Little Stream Software in Portland OR

My shop is outside of the US, is that a problem?

Nope. Workshop works with consultancies from all over the world. All leads are 100% remote and open to remote shops anywhere, so you don’t have to be in the US.

“Being from outside the US, I was intimidated. I ordered Workshop because it sounded like a dream way to receive possible leads. I hesitated but ended up ordering within a week.

Robert wrote in one of his first emails, that it takes time and practice to actually land a project, and that it can take weeks or even months.

I had no problem with that. Nevertheless, I landed my first project after just 4 or 5 days. The monthly cost of Workshop is covered already, and I still have weeks left from my first month. I’ll keep being a Workshopper, thanks Robert!

Gábor Szurdoki, Freelancer in Hungary EU

What are some reasons I shouldn’t join?

You think I’ll be sending you your ideal clients. The truth is you are never going to receive a lead from me (or anyone) that checks off every thing you want to see in a client. Why? Because ideal clients aren’t found, they’re created. By you. I’ll send you the right leads: great people who need a problem solved. It’s your job to turn them into your ideal clients.

You’re currently booked 8–12+ months in advance. That’s the type of pipeline Workshop will help you get, a solid chunk of the next year booked out. But if you’re already there you probably don’t need Workshop at the moment. Once your waiting list gets down to 3–4 months or less, it’s a great time to hire Workshop.

You don’t email the leads I send. Workshop isn’t magic. It wont make client work rain from the heavens if you put off doing the work. You can’t sit and wait or send bad emails and expect to land work. You and your team need be willing and able to win clients. We’ll find great opportunities for you. Shops who succeed with us don’t disqualify themselves by not doing the work.

If you’re not sure about your process for emailing the leads, I strongly recommend you check out my book Emails That Win You Clients before you sign up. It will help you create an effective system for emailing and winning client work. Once you’re ready, come back and implement what you’ve learned. It’s a short book, you can read it in a few hours and it’s great for training your team).

Got more questions?

Send them over. I’d be happy to help, and I’ll even steer you away if you’re not right for the service. I don’t want to waste your time or money.

Ready to get in front of the right clients everyday?

Let's get started. There’s two options: regular and premium. Premium gets you concierge help closing leads. You pay 3 months at a time and there’s no long-term commitment. You can cancel anytime.

What you get Regular Premium
Access to 2600+ Past Leads (worth $1500)
Daily Monitoring of Over 300 Job Boards
Weekly Follow-up Reminder (worth $50/month)
Done-for-you lead system (worth $500/mo) -
$537 $597
We use Stripe which is just crazy secure. Your payment options are:
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Why you should join right now

Today Workshop provides 10x more value than when we started (and costs more than 5x our initial price — and as we add new features, the price will only increase). Missing out on signing up now literally means thousands lost on the cost alone.

Secondly, it’s a common misconception that dry spells are a part of consulting. The truth is they happen because you sit and wait. Failing to line up work during flush times (not just during dry spells), is the real reason you run into feast or famine cycles. Just because you have work now, you’re short on time, or you have some other excuse, you shouldn’t put your hands up and stop all sales activity.

See like you, I’ve been through dry spells. And I know there are a ton of businesses out there who will benefit from working with me. That’s why I’ve put myself in front of you right now, and I believe it’s your turn to do the same for businesses you can help every day. Workshop will help you do that.

Robert Williams

PS. Got a question? Email me.

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