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What if you run out of money before you find your next freelance gig?

I’d gone through a few droughts as a freelancer, but this one was bad.

Each day, the stress mounted.

The magnitude of every new client meeting ballooned greater and greater. Before each meeting, I went in knowing one thing:


Eventually my dry spell ended, but the lesson it taught me stayed. By definition, freelancing means the work ends.

And you’re left facing the same questions month after month after month: where will your next project come from? when will your next dry spell hit? how do you find your next client (and the next)?

But wait. Why should it be so hard to find client work when there’s thousands of companies out there you can help?

The problem isn’t your copy, portfolio, or your service. It’s finding these opportunities.

Finding them takes time you don’t have.

Doing lead generation on top of client work just sucks. You want to do the work you love, not search for it.

Worse, it’s unprofitable. That’s why you put it off.

So instead you wait for work to come to you (read: do nothing).

Eventually putting off finding work only makes things worse. Much worse.

It makes you have no control over the work you take on… so instead of firing bad clients, you’re forced to put up with them forever.

As a result, you don’t get paid what you’re worth, you don’t know where your next project will come from and you’re constantly worried about dry spells.

It’s not worth it.

Don’t believe internet trolls, freelancing doesn’t have to be feast or famine. You don’t have to rely solely on referrals.

It’s time to do something about your leaky sales funnel. Your should have access to the best clients and opportunities to grow your business.

Likewise, great clients should have access to your expertise – regardless of whether you have time to reply to their job post.

But how? You know you can’t be everywhere at once. You can’t even imagine finding all of these opportunities yourself, how are you going to also make time to contact them?

You can’t.

You just need them delivered to you. That way, you can focus on selling your company, the thing you know how to do – the thing you love to focus on.

Refreshing your inbox and waiting isn’t your only option. How would it feel to be booked through December?

What if you woke up every day with a dozen great clients looking for your help, what would it mean to the profitability of your business?

Would your revenue double? Would it turn your on-the-side freelancing into your full-time six-figure consultancy? If, overnight, you got the best opportunities automatically instead of sitting and waiting by your phone.

And what if it took minutes (instead of hours) to fill your sales pipeline each morning and then you got to focus exclusively on billable work for the rest of the day?

What then? Would you add that extra feature to your client’s project and blow them away? Would you use the free time to go on a walk and clear your head?

Or would you just spend more time with your family?

Let me send you the 8-12 best leads every day so you can wake up focused on winning work.

You might think effortlessly finding new clients to serve is impossible. However, for hundreds of consultancies in Workshop it’s a reality.

I’ve created a hands-free lead generation service for consultancies looking to make more money building websites (and apps, and logos, and more).

From the day you sign up, you receive the highest quality leads on the web. Every opportunity from every nook and cranny on the web, pre-qualified and sorted into your inbox.

It’s also super affordable. Even if you’re just freelancing on the side, you can easily take advantage of my offer. It’s the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

But you won’t love the service because it’s cheap, you’ll love it because it works and you know it’s the best thing you can do for your business.

“So what happens if I don’t like it?”

No worries. You can cancel anytime. Workshop is pay-as-you-go, meaning there’s no contract and no long-term commitment.

“My schedule is fully booked. Should I still sign up?”

Yes, here’s why: it’s a common misconception that dry spells are a part of freelancing. The truth is they happen because we fail to line up work during flush times (times when we’re loaded with work) NOT only during dry spells.

Just because you have work now doesn’t mean you can put your hands up and stop all sales activity. On the contrary. Now is the perfect time to start a small daily amount of sales activity to ensure you never run out of work again.

If you’re not booked at least 4-6 months in advanced, it’s a sign you’re still susceptible to a dry spell. Workshop will be your reminder to continue looking for work.

“How many leads will be sent, and how often?”

It depends on what you want. Although you can do more, my recommendation is you reply to only 2 leads per day.

This saves you time and allows you to focus on sending a great email. By doing this you’ll outperform people sending 100s of outreach emails a day and be efficient with your time.

“Who gets these leads? How many people am I competing with?”

This is a great question. If you’re asking this, it means you’d like to know if you have a shot.

You absolutely do! The number one mistake I see freelancers make when they sign up for Workshop is assuming the leads are getting inundated with replies.

I’ve had business owners complain to me that their 5-figure project on Workshop received zero replies!

So make sure you reply. If you send enough good emails, you will hear back.

“I just started freelancing. What if I’m not ready?”

I guarantee that if you can build a website, design, or code - at any level - you can also make a lot of money from Workshop today.

But it takes investing in yourself now.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, the habits you build into your business now will stay with you for a long time (maybe forever).

That’s why it’s important that you push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Leveling up your consulting business isn’t about planning for the future. It’s about taking small steps right now that will ensure you’re in the best position to succeed when the time comes.

“But will Workshop work for me? I specialize in X.”

Right now Workshop is mostly focused on web design and development. However, we have a steady amount of other work coming in like mobile, marketing, graphic design, and more.

I group leads in categories so you’ll be able to quickly see if there’s enough value for you.

If you’re still worried there may not be enough of your type of lead, send an email to and she’ll send you a small sample.

“I’m outside of the US, is that a problem?”

Not at all. Workshop has top freelancers from all over the world, including places like Europe, Asia, and basically every other continent in the world who are loving the service.

All leads are 100% remote and open to remote freelancers anywhere in the world, so I’d suggest you sign up and see if it’ll work for you.

“Who are you? How long have you been doing this?”

I’m Robert. I’m a freelancer who started sharing how I made money online a few years ago. The response was great and my advice caused hundreds of freelancers to change for the better.

I’ve been featured on Copyhackers,, 30x500, The Freelancers’ Show, Bidsketch, Freelancelift, BootstrappedWeb, and more.

I started Workshop with select consultancies in November, 2013. Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people like you land work. Some have even made hundreds of thousands of dollars from my leads. Now, I focus on Workshop full-time, which wouldn’t be possible if it didn’t produce massive results for my clients.

“I’ve gotten over my imposter-syndrome”

I like to focus on projects that are particularly interesting to me, and fit my skill set well. Amongst the work I scored from Workshop last year were two projects that have now blossomed into amazing client relationships and tens of thousands of dollars… with no end in sight. I was really on the fence about Workshop (and freelancing in general), but I’ve gotten over my imposter-syndrome at this point and realize I can compete and score some of these great leads.

Corey Tiani
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

“I’m starting to build an on-going relationship with clients”

The day I took Workshop for a test drive, here’s how it went down:

  • 8:30 am- signed up for Workshop
  • 9:21 am- sent first email to lead
  • 10:22 am- had phone interview with lead
  • 10:40 am- received W-9 and project contract
  • If this sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is. And it actually happened.

Because of Workshop I’m starting to build an on-going relationship with a client, which is beyond worth the cost. I typically don’t do reviews, rate things, etc, but this has to be said: Workshop is an incredibly EFFECTIVE tool, and a must-have for freelancers. Thanks so much!”

David Matheson
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

“I landed my first project after just 4 or 5 days.”

I ordered Workshop because it sounded like a dream way to receive possible leads. I hesitated for a while but ordered after a week. Robert wrote in one of his first emails, that it takes time and practice to actually land a project, and that it can take weeks or even months.

I had no problem with that. Nevertheless, I landed my first project after just 4 or 5 days. The monthly cost of Workshop is covered already, and I still have weeks left from my first month. I’ll keep being a Workshopper, thanks Robert!

Gábor Szurdoki
BAZ, Hungary, EU

“It’s possible to actually wind up with more work than I can handle through Workshop!”

In seven months, I’ve closed 3 deals that total a little over $20,000-directly from the leads in Workshop. All three of these projects have led to long-term clients that continue to come back to me, so the value of these contracts continues to grow.

One of the clients wanted a front-end developer, and now I am helping him build a travel booking engine. It has been a small but on-going project worth about $2,000 every month. Another client runs a successful e-Learning web application. I wrapped up the work that was in the scope of the project a few weeks ago, and just the other day, the client contacted me to see if I was available to take on some more work.

The discussions on the Workshop Forum (The Shed) has proven incredibly valuable, and have done a lot to improve my response-rate when emailing leads, my technique for following up, as well as my business in general. Truth be told, I probably could have gotten even more work through Workshop, but when I am very busy, I am selective about which leads I contact. It’s possible to actually wind up with more work than I can handle through Workshop! :-)

BTW, I just closed another lead from Workshop, a deal to subcontract for a design agency. Its really great what you’re doing!”

Elliot Betancourt
Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA

“After a month I had made over $3000 off of Workshop leads”

I signed up about 2 months ago when I decided to move away from my full time job and transition into freelancing. I put together a simple portfolio and replied to 2-3 ads per day consistently. After a month of the free trial I had made over $3000 off of Workshop leads and also got offered a full-time contract ($100,000/year roughly).

That’s a bigger return than I ever expected. It’s brought a ridiculous return and if I ever move to freelancing again, first thing I’ll do is sign up for Workshop again.

Milosz Falinksi
Lisbon, Portugal

Every day there was a good chance that at least one lead in Workshop could use my services.

At first I was worried about the lead quality and quantity. If the leads weren’t a good match for my services or there wasn’t enough of them then the service wouldn’t have worked for me.

Once I figured out my process it made it easy to compliment my own lead generation process. Every day there was a good chance that at least one lead in Workshop could use my services.

The best thing about Workshop is it runs on email so it’s easy to process, archive, or save. If I get busy I can leave it alone until I have time for it. Leads grouped by type let me ignore the ones that don’t apply to me. The additional contact information makes it easier to find the actual people behind the project. The educational content around writing better emails and other topics help me improve my own process.

It’s a great service to supplement other forms of marketing because it requires very little time.

It’s especially valuable if someone is checking job boards by hand because there are a lot of full-time and non-remote leads that you’d have to filter out.

In less than a year I’ve won close to $65,000 in projects from Workshop alone. All of them have become repeat clients who I expect would be buying additional services over the next few years.

Eric Davis
Portland, Oregon, USA

It’s opened my eyes to the amount of work that is actually available.

At first I was unsure about whether the ROI would be worth the monthly cost. But after joining I realized the “potential” ROI is enormous and worth the cost.

I like that while I get leads covering various types of work, they are grouped by those types of work making it easier to find the leads for the type of work I focus on.

I’ve also been about to practice emailing people, get out of my head and realize that I am just sending an email and the worse thing that can happen is that it will go unread.

It’s opened my eyes to the amount of work that is actually available, and not just what was represented by recruiter. This realization that networking events and referrals aren’t the only ways to get leads and work has been huge for my mindset.

It is vital to teaching people that they can find work for themselves, especially those who have relied on others, like friends and recruiters, for so many years.

Mark Brown
Orange Park, Florida, USA

I love having additional info, like twitter accounts and emails, to help get in touch with prospects.

I wasn’t sure if the leads would be high quality, or right for what we do. But I found there’s almost always at least one apporpriate lead per email, and muuuuch higher quality than, say, elance.

I love having additional info, like twitter accounts and emails, to help get in touch with prospects. In addition to the tutorials on effective emails I feel like you’re doing the it for me.

It’s really a convenient way to do regular outreach, which is crucial.

Dan Barret
Middlefield, Connecticut, USA

Here’s everything you get when you signup:

  1. The best freelance leads on the web everyday
    It’s an instant 4 to 5 hour head start on every other freelancer.

  2. Hand-curated lead sorting and qualifying
    You’re only seeing hyper-relevant leads that are worth your time.

  3. Background recon information on every lead
    Instantly envision working with a client before you contact them.

  4. The maximum response rate checklist (bonus)
    A one-page cheatsheet that will optimize your emails.

  5. A copy of my book Emails That Win You Clients (premium only)
    The exact recipe for writing a perfect email from scratch to any client.

  6. Special just-for-you lead requests (premium only)
    Unlock the ability to request exactly the type of lead you want.

  7. Your own personal email specialist (premium only)
    1-on-1 concierge help picking leads to email and writing something to make sure you hear back.

  8. Access to low competition, big-budget projects found only on Workshop (premium only)
    Big budget projects projects you won’t find anywhere else.

Buy now before the price goes up again

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High quality freelance leads
Lead qualifying and sorting
Background info for every lead
Maximum response rate email checklist
Premium bonuses
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Personalized lead requests (worth $150/month) -
1-on-1 email writing specialist (worth $200/month) -
Workshop-exclusive leads (worth $250/month) -
$229 $259
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The two biggest reasons why you should join right away

1) The membership fee is at it’s absolute lowest. Since starting Workshop in late 2013, there’s been a bunch of copycat services pop up. These look-a-like services use automated scraping tools to find leads.

I don’t believe in that. Only a real, experienced, freelancer knows what a great client looks like. Not some crappy algorithm. That’s why while the other services continue to come and go, Workshop’s price will continue to increase. Today it provides more than 4x the value than when we started (and I’ve upped the price accordingly).

When you sign up now and you’ll be locked in at the lowest price Workshop will ever be sold at again, for as long as you’re a member.

2) Waiting to sign up is almost guaranteed to hurt your business forever. See, It’s a common misconception that dry spells are a part of freelancing. The truth is they happen because you sit and wait.

Failing to line up work during flush times (not just during dry spells), is the real reason you run into feast or famine cycles.

Just because you have work now, you’re short on time, or you have some other excuse, you shouldn’t put your hands up and stop all sales activity.

See like you, I’ve been through dry spells. I know there are a ton of businesses out there who will benefit from working with me. I’ve put myself in the best position to find them (in front of you right now).

You can do the same.

Robert Williams

PS. Got a question? email me! I’m currently focusing on delivering more value to my Workshop clients so I’m taking a break from social media and email is the best way to get a hold of me.